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Personal Space
Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 20:22
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From the capital of Belgium comes Montevideo, a band that used to sound more like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine but who now show us a face all their own on “Personal Space”. It’s an album that comes with 10 poppy songs that combine disco beats, falsetto voices with guitar riffs and synths in the best of ways.

Take opener “Cave Of Kisses” for example which is both dreamy and danceable. Or single “Horses” (recorded in LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy’s studio) which has been causing waves in the blogosphere for a while now. My personal favorite however would have to be “Fate & Glory”, a more than decent duet with Intergalactic Lovers’ Lara Chedraoui.

These guys may have been operating under the radar up until now but something tells me that’s all about to change with “Personal Space”.