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Whatever... This Sucks
The Mizzerables Whatever This Sucks Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, September 15, 2019 - 09:51
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- by Tom Dumarey

Got room in your collection for a punk rock band that knows what they are doing? Well, meet The Mizzerables. Unless you already know them that is. Apparently they already released two full-lengths and an EP prior to this album, but they hadn’t shown up on my radar until now. Talk about missing out!

Led by Joe Mizzi (Ten Ninety, Common Rider, About The Mess) and rounded out by Dave Vazzano and Korey Brisendine, these Chicago natives just get it. They aren’t reinventing the genre on ‘Whatever... This Sucks’ but they know what works. They trimmed the fat, made sure everything was nice and lean and ended up with a solid collection of fourteen songs that will bring everyone to mind from early Green Day and Banner Pilot to Screeching Weasel and The Copyrights.

From the second opening track ‘Gravity’ pulls you in (ha!), you are exposed to grade A melodic punk rock that manages to ride the fine line between grit and pop all the way to closer ‘Thoughts & Prayers’. In between you will come across gems like ‘Let’s Go’, ‘Still Kickin’ Round’ and the Alkaline Trio-ish ‘Dancing On Your Grave’.

If you are into melodic punk rock that holds pop hooks and a gritty edge in equally high regards, then make sure to check out The Mizzerables.


Track listing:

  1. Gravity    
  2. FKI
  3. Crabby Crab    
  4. Better off Dead    
  5. Every Once in a While    
  6. Let's Go    
  7. Still Kickin Round    
  8. Whatever... This Sucks    
  9. Suburbia    
  10. Reverie    
  11. Sticks and Stones    
  12. Dancing on your Grave    
  13. Forty Five    
  14. Thoughts and Prayers