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Raising Ruins For The Future
Mighty Midgets – Raising Ruins For The Future
Thursday, July 1, 2010 - 00:00
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From Denmark come the Mighty Midgets who manage to throw together a tasty cocktail of fast-paced punkrock and melodic hardcore. It’s a helluva good time to listen to and took me right back to when I first discovered bands like Bigwig, NOFX or - to stay closer to these guys’ home - Satanic Surfers. “Raising Ruins For The Future” may not be very original, these guys play with so much energy and obvious fun that you can’t help but get sucked in by their enthousiasm. Throw in some socio-political lyrics a la Strike Anywhere and you’re looking at a decent album that will definitely appeal to fans of the abovementioned or A Wilhelm Scream. I especially like how they only seem to know two speeds, fast and faster. Check out “Ruins For The Future” and “Freezing Factory Floors” and thrash your living room. You know you want to!