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To Keep Me From Sinking
Means – To Keep Me From Sinking
Friday, June 13, 2008 - 00:00
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If it was me I would’ve just called the album “Paddle”, which is what I do to keep me from sinking when in the water. What Means does to keep themselves afloat amidst all the other metalcore bands out there? Record another album that sounds like a lot of the other bands out there. Is that the smartest move they could’ve made? Probably not.

To be completely honest, Means does sound a little better than some others out there. For one thing they have a great drive to their tunes and don’t try to sound any tuffer than they really are. Another thing I really dig are the clean vocals, which are excellent punkrock vocals. Would love to hear more of those on their next album!

Other than that… you’ve heard this kinda metalcore like a zillion times before and I’ve written it all a zillion times already… shall we just call it a day then? Yeah, let’s.