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D Is Done
Madensuyu – D Is Done
Saturday, March 28, 2009 - 00:00
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Madensuyu (Turkish for sparkling water) are two Belgian dudes that have been playing music together since they were teenagers. Stijn “Ylode” De Gezelle plays guitar and bass while Pieterjan “PJ’ Vervondel is beating his drum kit like the thing still owes him money. Together they share a love for all things Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground and post-rock a la Mogwai.
This can be heard on their second album “D Is Done”, an album where tension, anxiety and a general feeling of unease never waver and which at the same time reminded me of Baywatch. Well, at least the drum roll towards the end of “Tread On Tread Light” reminded me of the theme song. “Fafafafuckin” or “MY” on the other hand would’ve never been played while Pamela’s heaving breasts were onscreen simply because they’re too unsettling. Especially the saxophone in “MY” sounds like it didn’t live to see the end of the recording. And I haven’t even mentioned the title track which starts off like a lullaby before exploding in a nightmare only to then quietly fade out again.

This album is a punch in the face and a bandaid at the same time and I’m digging it. If you like your music fuzzed and fucked, then Madensuyu is just the thing you’re looking for!