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White Noise
The Living End – White Noise
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 - 00:00
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Finally out in Europe is The Living End’s new album “White Noise”. While these guys are rock stars in their native country Australia, we’re still waiting for the rest of the world to fall in love with these guys who are known not only for their kickass liveshow but also for writing some of the catchiest punkrock tunes in the Southern hemisphere. Songs that will kick you with a conscience no less.

Things are no different on “White Noise” and while their sound is already as familiar as your favorite breakfast cereal by now, there’s no denying this is yet another solid album that rocks from start to finish. “How Do We Know” is one explosive opening track while the title track shows these guys are still very much into rock n roll as well. While they aptly prove in their lyrics that the world is one big, complicated mess (“21st Century”), their songs are still uncomplicated and fun as hell!