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This One's On Me
Lightweight This One's On Me Punk Rock Theory
Friday, March 11, 2022 - 09:56
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Following a short intro, Sacramento’s Lightweight bursts out of the gate in true Iron Chic fashion with opening track ‘Whiskey Is Not A Jacket’. Gravelly vocals, driving rhythms, great melodies that are laced with melancholy and plenty of parts that beg to be belted out loud back at the band at one of their future shows.

Following the opening track, these lifelong friends double down on the remaining tracks telling tales of love, loss, depression, and - ultimately - redemption. They wrap the whole thing up in fifteen minutes, leaving you no option but to hit the play button again.

There are plenty of releases from well-known bands coming our way over the next couple of weeks and months, but make sure to check out ‘This One’s On Me’ when you have a sec. It would be a shame if this one would wound up lost in the shuffle.


This One's On Me track list:

  1. Plaza Ave.
  2. Whiskey Is Not A Jacket
  3. 21 Grams Between Us
  4. Bummers, Drive-Ins and Vibes
  5. Insomnia
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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