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Recreational Hate
Sunday, January 7, 2018 - 21:06
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One minute it wasn’t there, the next it was. Lemuria surprise released the shit out of ‘Recreational Hate’. Sure, releasing a ‘secret LP’ is something of a yearly tradition when it comes to Lemuria. Past years have included a 12" version of their original demo cd-r and album outtakes, but this time around it’s a brand spankin’ new album. And hell, if even Santa approves… what am I going to do? Disagree? Don’t think so. Especially not with tracks like the absolutely delightful ‘Sliver Of Change’ and the Pinback-like ‘Wanted To Be Yours’.



Track listing:

  1. Timber Together    
  2. Sliver of Change    
  3. Christine Perfect    
  4. More Tunnel    
  5. Wanted to Be Yours    
  6. Kicking In    
  7. Lake Below    
  8. Trembling    
  9. Marigold    
  10. Best Extra