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Poison The Hit Parade
Ike Reilly – Poison The Hit Parade
Monday, May 12, 2008 - 00:00
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To tie us over until Ike Reilly’s new album comes out, there is now “Poison The Hit Parade”, a collection of demo songs, alternate takes and EP tracks. Just like on any of his other albums Reilly’s lyrics and his witty sense of humor are the main draw here. His stories always include the most lovable drunks and screwups you’ll ever encounter.

All this praise about the lyrics doesn’t mean the music is crap. Far from it actually. Just like the lyrics, it’s filled with unexpected turns that keep things more than interesting. “Poison The Hit Parade” might not be as good as say, “Sparkle In The Finish” but for an odd-and-ends collection, this is pretty much downright impressive.