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House & Home and Suntitle Split Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, January 28, 2024 - 15:28
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Here’s a fun little split that sees long time friends House & Home and Suntitle teaming up. Both bands have contributed two new tracks to the split, which is out now on Open Your Ears Records.

First up is Richmond, VA’s House & Home who have been working hard to carve a place for themselves in the music scene since forming in 2017. House & Home have looked at bands like Taking Back Sunday, early Brand New and Saosin to come up with a sound that goes back to the early 00’s, while still managing to give it something that sounds fresh.

Suntitle gets to take credit for the split’s second half and does so with a somewhat similar sound, but one that finds the South Jersey based band leaning a bit more towards bands like Balance and Composure and Basement. A little more crunch, a little more atmospheric.

Both bands do a pretty solid job, making this a short but sweet split. Check it out if you were already liking either House & Home’s debut album ‘Find Sense. Feel Love. Make Light.’ or their more recent ‘Everything Is Sacred’ EP, ’ or have worn out your copy of Suntitle’s latest album, ‘In A Dream.’


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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