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Great Mother : Holy Monster
Friday, May 3, 2013 - 21:54
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Holy crap! Hierophant is an Italian band who like their shit dark and bleak… they waste no time in making that perfectly clear with opener “Son Of The New Faith”, a ferocious metal-infused all-out sludge fest that lasts for just over two minutes. Drums rattle, guitars shred and the vocalist quite simply destroys both the listener and his vocal chords.

Can they keep this up throughout the rest of this album? Yes, they can! With a sonic attack that combines elements from metal, punk, hardcore and sludge, these guys are unstoppable. Every song title starts with the prefix ‘son of…’ and the only one the forgot was “Son Of A Bitch! This Is Loud!”.

Hierophant has already shared the stage with the likes of Deafheaven, Oathbreaker and Tombs and those are exactly the bands I would compare them to. Check out “Great Mother : Holy Monster” and prepare to have your face melted off.