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The Sides And In Between
Gringo Star - The Sides And In Between
Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 18:40
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- by Nate Hennon

When you hear about a band named Gringo Star, your expectations are high. First, they receive a gold star for creating such a great pun.

Secondly, if your band name is a Beatles reference, you had better deliver. I am looking at you Dr. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and other fake Beatles-based bands.  Luckily Gringo Star's latest release, "The Sides and in Between", does not disappoint.

This band can play and are not afraid to challenge themselves. The album begins with two songs reminiscent of The Strokes circa 2002 on "Magic" and "Get Closer". This styling quickly changes to a more Jack White- Honky Tonk vibe on "Still Alive", "Knee Deep" and “Heading South". Whatever your flavor, Gringo Star has a catchy pop song that fits nicely into your earholes.

This album is varied and eclectic, but enjoyable. Each song is slightly different from the last and exceeds expectation. Despite the sonic variations, Gringo Star's musical competence and proficiency shine through on every song. I am not sure how this album compares their previous releases, but now I am onboard and very curious to look back at their history.