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Lion Of Judas
Elysia – Lion Of Judas
Monday, August 4, 2008 - 00:00
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“Named for the final resting place of warriors in Roman Mythology, the Sacramento, CA based Elysia create epic battle hymns for the metal and hardcore set”.

That’s what it says in the bio… now, I don’t know how epic things can get in songs that barely last two minutes, but they are pretty spot-on when later on they write that these guys are”excessively brutal”. They’ve got that same raw, chaotic and in-your-face thing going on as Zao, Nights Like These or Converge. Coincidence or not, it’s Converge’s Kurt Ballou that produced “Lion Of Judas” and makes it sound like one mean motherfucker. A mean motherfucker you might’ve run into once or twice before but he’s still able to deliver a nasty blow to the guts nonetheless.