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Dead Confederate – Sugar
Sunday, August 1, 2010 - 00:00
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Dead Confederate released a decent debut with “Wrecking Ball”, a post-grunge rock affair that came with its highs and lows. At its best it showed raw passion and some kickass riffs. This time around they don’t just go for the chunky guitars, they like to tone it down just the same. Quiet is the new loud, ya dig? The album may open with the scorching “In The Dark”, a song in which the band proves itself ready to exorcise some more demons. But it’s quickly followed by the almost Beatlesque “Run From The Gun”. Another highlight is the anthemic “Giving It All Away” with none other than J Mascis plugging in his guitar.

Sure, there are still some Nirvana influences lingering around… “Semi-Thought” comes to mind. But overall these dudes seem to have gone through some serious growth spurts and have an album to show for it with “Sugar”. If you like Band Of Horses but would like to hear them at their most angry with a bottle of scotch running through their veins, try Dead Confederate on for size.