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Six Minute Meeting
Corporate Citizen Six Minute Meeting Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, August 8, 2020 - 11:03
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- by Brian Espitia

‘Six Minute Meeting’ is the new three-song EP from San Diego’s hardcore punk CORPORATE CITIZEN. From the moment this band opens with ‘Culture Vulture’ it was on! Four heavy notes and a rattling bass line courtesy of Mike Ruggiero before it quickly escalates into a thrash frenzy. Vocalist Bob Meder jumps right on in and kicks the verses into high gear. The next part of the song is a creepy crawl breakdown with old school appeal and tons of ‘Heys!’. This combination makes for a great thrash punk song with an old school feel and is a great introduction to this record.

Next up is ‘Not The One’. As if I was not impressed enough yet. On this track, all the instruments jump right in before running into a short breakdown packed with more ‘heys’. The guitar riffs - shared by both Steve Diaz and Louis Ramsey - are astounding. This song comes packed with all the elements of a great hardcore song. From the layered guitar sound and the catchy chorus along right down to the old school.

The band then kicks off their final track called ‘Positivity Anthem’. Again, the heavy thrash riffs and thumping bass immediately kick the song into high gear with no fooling around. Dan Achin really kills it on this track on drums, I must add. Old school thrash, catchy upbeat choruses and solid vocals is what you can expect from this track along with its message about helping each other out. A quick, positive track to close this short EP, which is Hardcore Gold!

My only criticism of this release is that it was too damn short! It was hard not to be left “blue-balled” by the whole experience. Which is why I threw on 2019’s ‘A Brief Moment Of Sanity’ LP to compensate.


Track listing:

  1. Culture Vulture
  2. Not The One
  3. Positivity Anthem