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The Medicine Is All Gone
Saturday, October 8, 2016 - 11:37
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When Brett Netson wasn’t busy with Built To Spill back in the nineties, he used to crank out albums with heavy psych band Caustic Resin. It took them until the release of their third album “The Medicine Is All Gone” to really find their footing, but unfortunately the album has been largely overlooked when it was first released back in 1998. Which is why Netson took it upon himself to remaster the whole thing from the original analog tapes and re-release it on a double LP via his own label, Scavenger Cult.


Produced by Phil Ek (Mudhoney, Built To Spill, The Shins, Band Of Horses), “The Medicine Is All Gone” still sounds amazing and if heavy psychedelic jams are your thing, then you do not want to miss out on this one. It’s filled to the brim with riffs that are as heavy as they are hazy and the vocals sound like they are coming at you through a haze of bong smoke. To make things even better, they never let the songs derail into endlessly meandering constructions, keeping things nice and tight instead and somehow still managing to make it all sound grand.


Mark Lanegan about “The Medicine Is All Gone”:

“I was obsessed with this record when it was first released, and it still blows my mind; a forgotten classic of american underground rock.”