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Cardboard Box Colony EP
Cardboard Box Colony Cardboard Box Colony Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - 10:57
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From the voting battlefield that North Carolina still is, comes Cardboard Box Colony with a self-titled 4-song EP that is as current as it gets. “Given the circumstances in the world, this EP was truly a labor of love and dedication” says guitarist TJ Burns. “We started recording in March, but quickly made the decision to put everything on hold,” adds the band’s other guitarist Austin Burgess. “When we returned to the studio, we ended up completely rewriting one of our songs with more relevant lyrics pertaining to the pandemic and current state of affairs.”

They describe their style as melodic skatepunk, which sounds about right. Even more so if you calculate in some early Blink-182 and No Use For A Name influences. Loud, fast and incredibly melodic, Cardboard Box Colony definitely deliver. Something that becomes obvious from the moment opener ‘Bedtime Stories’ bursts out the speakers, a song that will put no one to sleep.

‘Pathetic’ is really the one where they channel their inner Blink-182 and totally get away with it. Very poppy, slick and highly contagious hooks. Which can be said for previously released single ‘Headstone’ as well. By the way, kudos on the riffage on this EP. Sounds nothing short of amazing. Nowhere more so than on ‘What’s The Point In Revolution If We’re Gonna Die?,’ which rounds out this EP way too soon.


Track listing:

  1. Bedtime Stories
  2. Pathetic
  3. Headstone
  4. What’s The Point In Revolution If We’re Gonna Die?