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Rebuilding Year
Brutal Youth Rebuilding Year Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, July 18, 2023 - 20:11
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Toronto’s Brutal Youth are back with their fourth full-length, ‘Rebuilding Year’. It’s out now on Stomp Records and packs 14 songs that will pummel your ass to the ground while vocalist Patty O’Lantern dishes out tales of personal ruination, redesign, redemption and wearing a Weird Al shirt.

They race out of the gate with ‘Juice Cleanse,’ a no-holds-barred rager that sets the tone for the remaining 13 tracks. Taking cues from Good Riddance, Kid Dynamite and ALL, they burn through these cuts with so much pent-up energy that it will leave your head spinning. Brutal Youth aren’t about expanding their sound or experimenting, they just want to get you as riled up as they are, singing along and punching a hole in the air.

The album’s frenetic pace and neverending barrage of riffs and ass-kicking drums is a plus, but at the same time there does come a point when I would have welcomed a moment to catch my breath. But maybe that’s just me getting old. There’s no denying though that Brutal Youth have managed to cook up a solid melodic hardcore punk album with ‘Rebuilding Year’.  


Rebuilding Year track list:

  1. Juice Cleanse
  2. Post Tour Depression
  3. The Ides
  4. Egg Sucking Dog
  5. Through The Teeth
  6. Jumping The Broom
  7. Salt & Sand
  8. Holding Pattern
  9. Concentric
  10. Moonstones
  11. Pennies
  12. Slices
  13. You Can Call Me Al (Yankovic)
  14. Rebuilding Year
Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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