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Be Your Own Pet - Get Awkward
Be Your Own Pet - Get Awkward
Monday, May 12, 2008 - 00:00
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Nashville, country capital of the world. But also home to Be Your Own Pet, a young and punky band that shows everyone how to rock the fuck out on their second album, "Get Awkward". No sophomoric slump in sight here, only adrenalin-fueled songs that deal with sex, partying, drinking, drugs and umm... Russ Meyer's "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls". The songs on "Get Awkward" may not show a lot of depth but they will get any party started and god, how refreshing is it to listen to an album where the band simply said... fuck it, we're not doing a ballad! Vocalist Jemina Pearl has the perfect voice for this kinda music, the rest of the band sounds like The Stooges on speed and armed with more than enough catchy moments, "Get Awkward" is an album that is guaranteed to plaster a smile on your face while you're shaking along to songs like "Becky" or "Zombie Graveyard Party!".