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A Total Disappointment
ATD A Total Disappointment Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, June 7, 2020 - 15:19
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An album that is about as subtle as a Miley Cyrus-straddled wrecking ball to the face comes courtesy of Vancouver’s ATD. On their debut album, they crash their way through a dozen songs in a mere 18 minutes, leaving you hardly any time to catch a breath. The shortest songs (‘Teenage Vanities’) clocks in at just 16 seconds, making the longest track (‘Moonlight Clan’) - all 139 seconds of it - feel almost epic.

If you like your punk rock to be played with reckless abandon and a snarky attitude, then ATD have got you covered. Their songs border on thrash, hardcore and a complete psychotic breakdown, but still manage to be catchy and sing-along-able like (‘Poverty Row’). Take the snottiest Guttermouth song you can think of and then speed it up ten times... that’s ATD for ya.


Track listing:

  1. Slipt
  2. Boomerang Kids
  3. Spies Among Us
  4. Curmudgeonly Lighthouse Keeper
  5. Moonlight Clan
  6. Gaslighting
  7. Poverty Row
  8. Let Down
  9. Good Things
  10. Peak Paranoia
  11. Teenage Vanities
  12. Bunk Monk