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Amber Lamps - Plaidypuss
Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 11:14
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Amber Lamps is a trio out of Astoria, New York that seems to have a penchant for 90ies punk rock. Nothing wrong with that. So do I. Which brings us to “Plaidypuss”, the band’s latest release and one more thing with which there is absolutely nothing wrong.


Will this album change your life? Probably not. But the songs are catchy as hell, the vocal harmonies sound great and most of this album will make you feel like it’s 1994 all over again and you’re listening to “Dookie” for the first time. Seriously, check out those bass lines.


Personally, I could have done without those two acoustic reprises at the end of the album. Other than that though, “Plaidypuss” is a lot of fun with “Between The Lines” and “Punch Rock” as my personal favorites. It might not be very original, but these guys know how to write a solid pop-punk song.


Track listing:

  1. Discretion
  2. Bitter Ride
  3. On The Radio
  4. Another Lie
  5. Between The Lines
  6. Eddie's Basement
  7. Punch Rock
  8. Adrenaline
  9. It's Not Alright
  10. James
  11. Legacy