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The Wall
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Friday, November 3, 2017 - 10:19
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The year is 2007 and while the war in Iraq is officially over, people are still getting killed. When a couple of guys working on a pipeline in the desert end up getting shot, two American soldiers are sent in to assess the damage. Turns out it’s a setup and the two of them end up getting shot themselves by an infamous and extremely lethal Iraqi sniper. While his buddy is slowly bleeding out in the sand, Isaac (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) manages to find shelter behind a rickety wall.


You probably know director Doug Liman from bigass productions like The Bourne Identity and Edge Of Tomorrow. If you are expecting this one to be something similar, you will be in for something of a disappointment. The Wall is a compact movie that doesn’t involve a lot of anything really. There are hardly any actors, just one location and well, not a lot of story either. But just like Phone Booth or Buried, this one is pretty intense and much of the fun comes from watching the chess game between Isaac and the sniper unfold.