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Monday, October 13, 2014 - 18:28
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“Sabotage” is the latest flick in which Schwarzenegger is making his way back to the silver screen and compared to “The Last Stand”, this is an improvement. That’s not saying this is a great movie, just that “The Last Stand” was a rather shitty one.

Directed by David Ayer (the guy who wrote “Training Day” and directed “End Of Watch” and “Street Kings”), “Sabotage” sees Schwarzenegger leading an elite DEA task force that successfully executes a raid on a cartel safe house, while stashing away 10 million bucks for their own retirement fund. When the money disappears, the agency puts the team on hold during the investigation. They do however get back together just in time for a bunch of assassins to start picking off Schwarzenegger’s team one by one with tension building between the survivors as they suspect one another.

I’m pretty sure this movie wasn’t made to teach people anything, but it will show you why good casting is so important. The Governator is believable enough when he’s leading a bunch of macho cops or when he’s wielding a gun, but asking him to portray someone who’s struggling with a trauma from the past is expecting a bit too much. Another downside is that the story comes with a bunch of plot holes and is uninspired to say the least. Then again, there are plenty of brutal action sequences and the movie surges forward so if you manage to turn your brain off, “Sabotage” will entertain you for 109 minutes.