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Outpost : Rise Of The Spetsnaz
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 18:06
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Nazi zombie movies are becoming something of a genre all their own. We already had Dead Snow, War Of The Dead, Nazis At The Center Of The Earth, Iron Sky, Frankeinstein’s Army and of course, the first two installments of Outpost. And now there’s Outpost 3 : Rise of the Spetsnaz.

This time around Kiean Parker gets his his shot at directing after co-writing and producing the first Outpost movie. Rather than continuing with the story, Parker made Outpost 3 a prequel that takes us back to the final days of WWII where a unit of Spetsnaz fighters get attacked and captured. Locked up in a secret facility where the Nazis are creating their zombie fighters, they’ll have to fight their way out or get torn apart limb by limb.

They won’t win any awards for the original script but there’s plenty of action, a lot of zombies, even more blood and decent acting, making this a relatively entertaining flick. So even if you didn’t like Outpost : Black Sun (none of us did), you still might want to give this one a chance.