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But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 12:00
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Based on the best-selling novel by Jan Guillou, But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter is pretty much the Swedish equivalent of a James Bond movie. Following In the Interest Of The Nation, this is the second time Mikael Persbrandt stars as Carl Hamilton, an agent for the Swedish secret service.

When Ewa, the head of Sweden’s Security Police,  rubs a bunch of Islamic extremists the wrong way during an interview, she receives death threats. Shortly after that her daughter Nathalie is kidnapped. Somehow unable to see a relation between the two events,  the government suspects Ewa’s ex-husband and focus their investigation on him. This means Hamilton is on his own when he finds out that a terrorist named Abdul-Rahman bin Abdullah holds Nathalie captured.  He wants to make an example out of her for all of the Western world to see by converting her to Islam. But that is of course not taking Hamilton into account.

But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter is – in spite of its ridiculous title - a relatively good action flick, shot on beautiful locations. It’s not bad at all but it can’t hide the fact that it feels more like the TV movie version of a James Bond flick instead of the real thing.