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Mea Culpa
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Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 17:12
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Simon (Vincent Lindon) is a former police officer who left the force, following a deadly car accident that he was held responsible for. Now working for an armored car company, he mostly occupies himself with drinking a lot. When his son Théo is witness to a murder by the Russian mob, Simon has to team up with his former partner Franck (Gilles Lellouche) in order to protect his son and ex-wife while they are being chased by a bunch of grizzly, bearded, leather-clad bad guys..

This action flick by writer/director Fred Cavayé is fairly standard fodder, consisting of what is pretty much one 90-minute long chase. But hey, that’s what the guy is good at! When Cavayé does slow down for a couple of short emotional scenes  between Lindon and Lellouche, you get the feeling they are only there because every movie needs to have ‘em. And things are a bit unbelievable at times, like when there’s no one in sight during a chase scene in the centre of a town in the middle of the day. But Cavayé brings the action with enough flair and he maintains a frenetic pace throughout the entire thing.  Add a riveting finale and you’re looking at a decent movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat for 86 minutes.