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Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 19:33
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In 2074 time travel exists but has been outlawed by the government. Criminal organizations however like to use it to send their enemies 30 years back in time where they are immediately disposed of by so-called loopers. One of those loopers is Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and he is living the life while ending other people’s lives with a blunderbuss, a dumb-looking weapon that blows a hole through pretty much everything. All this is explained in the first couple of minutes but then the shit hits the fan when someone in the future decides to close Joe’s loop, meaning that they send back Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) to be killed by… Joe.

And that’s when director and screenplay writer Rian Johnson pulls out all the stops and will make your brain sizzle with what you probably thought was going to be just another popcorn movie. Instead you are treated to a smart sci-fi action flick that looks amazing and comes with some really cool scenes like the one where Gordon-Levitt and Willis get together in a diner or the amputation scene. It also helps that there’s an excellent supporting cast with fine people like Emily Blunt and Jeff Daniels in it.

Most movies these days are kinda predictable… this one is not. Two major characters don’t get introduced until halfway through the movie. And just when you got your head wrapped around the whole time travel thing, Johnson pulls out the telekinesis card to make this mindfuck of a movie even more thorough. Gotta love it!