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Lake Placid : The Final Chapter
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Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 21:21
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“Lake Placid : The Final Chapter” is the fourth and final installment of the Lake Placid series. Whereas the first one was actually a whole lot of fun, the sequels were pretty terrible. So how about that fourth movie, huh?

Well, the movie starts off with Reba (Yancy Butler) injured but alive in a grocery store covered with blood. After that the movie quickly gains momentum and we’re introduced to a whole new cast (the previous one got eaten) including sheriff Theresa Giove, an engineer and his son who are building an electrified fence around the crocodile-ridden lake and a couple of students who end up on the wrong side of said fence. There’s also an over-eager scientist and a poacher (a creepy yet entertaining as always Robert Englund). Basically, there’s a whole bunch of people who are where they shouldn’t be and who make for an excellent buffet for the crocs.

Just like most of the creature features on the Syfy channel, this one comes with terrible CGI effects and even worse acting. But that’s kind of the charm of these movies, isn’t it? If you’ve seen the other three movies, you might as well watch this one as well. If you haven’t, I suggest you stick with the first one.