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The Haunted House On Kirby Road
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Sunday, November 19, 2017 - 10:09
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Here’s another one about a haunted house. Where some dude offed his wife, her lover and his kids before committing suicide. Something the protagonists in this movie find out about when they visit the haunted house’s website before exploring it themselves. About five minutes in, you are hoping they will all die. Fast.


Yeah, it’s that kind of movie where the haunted house has a website, a haunted house none of them have heard about but they somehow know someone who died there in mysterious circumstances. It is also the kind of movie where none of the people involved can act. And to finish things up, the movie looks terrible and the story borders on retarded.


I don’t know how much it cost to make this steaming pile of shit, but that money would have been better spent on trying to save some Bolivian butterfly from extinction. Or like, literally on anything else but this movie.