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El Gringo
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Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 22:41
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“El Gringo” is one of the five movies on the 2012 After Dark Action roster, a series of B-grade action flicks that won’t blow you out of your shoes but should prove entertaining enough on an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon.

Scott Adkins plays The Man, a former cop who’s on the road to Acapulco with a retirement plan in the form of a bag full of money. Unfortunately for him, he ends up in a small town with a crappy bus service and a police chief (Erando Gonzalez) who hates dogs and has a couple of thugs working for him. They’re the ones running around with their faces all painted for some reason. Probably because it looks good on film. There’s also a thief called Flaca (Sofía Sisniega) who keeps on stealing The Man’s bag before handing it back and another girl called Anna (Yvette Yates) whose cleavage is so impressive that whenever there aren’t any bullets flying around, there are sparks flying between her and The Man. Oh yeah, Christian Slater also makes an appearance as The Man’s former boss. He comes with some seriously wrong priorities for someone who has sworn to uphold the law.

There are some good moments to be found in this Eduardo Rodriguez directed movie, like when The Man is unable to find a glass of water anywhere or the completely over-the-top shootout in the middle of the film, but most of the time this is just a run of the mill action flick that draws inspiration from a number of trashy 70s drive-in action movies and spaghetti westerns.