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Dead Mine
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Friday, May 31, 2013 - 18:06
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Director Steven Sheil’s follow-up to “Mum & Dad” - a relatively good horror flick - is called “Dead Mine”. Thinking they’re on the trail of a treasure that was hidden by general Yamashita during WWII, a couple of treasure hunters start exploring an old mine turned into a bunker somewhere on an Indonesian island. When they’re attacked, they are forced to go into the mine and can only go forward from there, hoping there’s another exit. And then they find out they’re not alone there either…

The movie starts out decent enough at an easy-set pace. Plus I have to give Sheil some credit for the concept and the setting but that’s pretty much as far as I can go. What’s lacking here is tension, scares, gore, blood,… well, everything you’d associate with a horror flick basically. And so “Dead Mine” ends up being a lame-ass mix of The Descent and Outpost. If Sheil had gone completely over the top with the basic idea, it would’ve been a helluva lot more fun!