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City Of Violence
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Friday, November 21, 2014 - 14:47
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Seemingly out of nowhere comes this slick film noir/police thriller starring Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker from the hands of director Jérôme Salle (The Tourist, Largo Winch). Taking place in South Africa after apartheid, the story kicks off with the discovery of the heavily mutilated body of a girl from a wealthy family. The only lead in the investigation is an unknown drug that is found in the girl’s blood.

While Sokhela (Whitaker) deals with a troubled past, Epkeen (Bloom) recently went through a divorce and reaches for the bottle when he’s not busy picking up girls. We find out more about the detectives’ past through a series of flashbacks, as the investigation takes the duo into the drug hell of the townships in an effort to catch the killer.

The story might not be the most complex story ever, but thanks to the movie’s setting, the beautifully saturated images and some incredibly brutal and intense scenes, City Of Violence (aka Zulu) is more than worthy of your time. Pleasant surprise!