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Beyond The Reach
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Saturday, August 8, 2015 - 10:33

John Madec (Michael Douglas) is a big shot businessman that hires a young guide named Ben (Jeremy Irvine) to take him on an illicit hunting expedition. Their worlds couldn’t be more apart, but at first they make it work. Until Madec accidentally shoots and kills an old dude living in a mine. Ben wants to call in the police. Madec on the other hand wants to cover up his tracks because he has a major business deal on the line. And so he sets out to frame Ben and then drives him out into the desert to die. It’s the start of a cat-and-mouse chase that has Ben fighting for his life.

The movie is fun enough, director Jean-Baptiste Léonetti does a good job of capturing the searing heat and unforgiving desert on the screen and Douglas is on a roll here as he draws inspiration from his previous roles as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street and Remington in The Ghost And The Darkness. At times his role borders on a caricature, but overall he pulls it off nicely. That’s why it’s a damn shame that conclusion of this movie is so completely and utterly ridiculous and… well, batshit crazy that it fucks up everything that came before it.