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Best Night Ever
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Saturday, July 5, 2014 - 20:37

Best Night Ever is the first original comedy by serial spoofers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Scary Movie, Date Movie, Disaster Movie, Epic Fail Movie) even if I would hardly call this original. Or a comedy for that matter.

Claire, her sister Leslie and two of Claire’s friends head off to Vegas for Claire’s bachelorette party that has to be the ‘best night ever’. Leslie has the whole thing planned out with a brunch by the pool and a Celine Dion concert. Of course, things don’t go as planned and so the girls end up getting kicked out of a strip club, getting robbed by a coke dealer and singing the 4 Non Blondes hit while hiding from the cops in a dumpster next to a fish restaurant.

Best Night Ever is being marketed as the female equivalent of The Hangover but that’s just plain insulting. And that’s coming from someone who thought The Hangover was terrible. The girls film everything themselves which should lend the movie an air of authenticity, but it only accomplishes an involuntary comparison to all the found footage horror flicks out there. Let me tell you, this is the scariest one of the bunch. Other movies this film steals from: Bridesmaids, Bachelorette, Spring Breakers… all decidedly crappy movies in their own right. But take it from me, this one is way, way worse.

Nevermind that none of the people in this movie can act, there are no jokes! Also, can someone explain to Friedberg and Seltzer how ‘found footage’ works? When you are supposed to have just one camera, it makes no sense to cut to a person’s reaction shot every single time someone else tells a joke. Unless you’re trying to make people take notice they’re supposed to laugh… oh ok, we’re onto something here.

Keeping in line with the subtlety of the movie, I think this image sums it up nicely: