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Friday, November 21, 2014 - 14:49
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Afflicted is the debut feature by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse and follows two best friends (played by Lee and Prowse) as they head off on a yearlong trip around the world. Compromising their trip however, is the fact that just before they leave Derek is diagnosed with a condition that could lead to a fatal brain aneurysm at any time.

Seeing as this is another found footage flick, it’s a premise that lends itself to the two of them filming everything they set out to do. Things becomes less fun though after Derek hooks up with a French chick and is left suffering from a bloody wound. We get to see him projectile vomiting at a quaint seaside restaurant and suffering from a severe skin rash. He also finds out he’s developing superhuman powers, something the two of them amply capture on camera. It’s just that damn thirst for blood that stops Derek from thinking he’s turning into a superhero. From there on it’s carnage all the way including a failed suicide attempt with a shotgun and Derek trying to escape from a SWAT team, which results in a wild chase that’s beautifully shot.

It’s cool to see how Lee and Prowse manage to breathe some much-needed fresh air into a stale genre, turning Afflicted into one enjoyable ride.