Track-by-track: Allweather talk 'Through The Floor'
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 20:45
Track-by-track: Allweather talk 'Through The Floor'

- by Tom Dumarey

San Diego’s Allweather will be releasing their debut album tomorrow via Paper Street Cuts. It is a collection of songs about the anxieties one faces in day-to-day life. Rather than nerves being through the roof, it feels more accurate to describe them barreling up from below, or as the title suggests, ’Through the Floor. We caught up with the band for a track-by-track feature along with an exclusive stream!


Home is Where You Make It

This song is about a break up that was a long time coming. That point in a relationship where you’re just going through the motions and really have no business being together but you’ve gotten so used to it that you just stay the course. That shit is toxic. You gotta get outta there, bud.

“You spoke like you meant it,
But the words fell from your mouth
Looked fair from a distance
But it all played out so god damned foul
We have fallen over and over out of love
Its exhausting
Lets go our own way”


Writer’s Block

I have friends that I’ve lost to drugs and some friends that I lost contact with that have passed away. I wanted to take a look at my role in their passing and whether I could have done anything differently to change the outcome. Ultimately, everyone is responsible for their own actions but if there’s someone out there that you’re back and forth on whether or not you should reach out, do it. The option may not be available to you forever.

“Behind the wheel of your own life
I’m just a passenger, you swerve, I close my eyes
Blinded by oncoming headlights
Narrowly escaped with my life
Catastrophic collision on the driver’s side
We write our story day by day
Wish I could just turn back the page”


Another Sad Song

Keeping on trend, here’s Another Sad Song. I have a hard time letting people in to see anything real from me. I know that’s probably true for everyone, but I am somewhat coming to terms with the fact that this may just be true forever and I just won’t let anyone forge a meaningful relationship with me. SAD.

“I always try to draw the blinds
And when you try to look inside, every time, I always hide”


Grim Ave.

A look in mirror, asking why I haven’t let myself reach my full potential. It’s easy, and sometimes enjoyable, to be lazy but we gotta kick it into gear! Allow your inner couch potato to become the golden french fry it was always meant to be.

“You’ve lost your glow
The lights are on but nobody’s home
Into the hole you withdrew down on Grim Ave.
What happened to that flame you once had burning inside?”


Die Slow

Another heartbreak song. But what is music but love songs and heartbreak? John Mayer, you take care of the love songs, we got the heartbreak.

“If for us love’s ruled out,
I guess rules don’t apply to you
And if I need someone to let me down
I know I could rely on you”


Life Vest

Social anxiety is a real bitch. I have heard from a couple people that I have RDF (Resting Douche Face) or look like I don’t want people to talk to me. The truth is, I’m deathly afraid of you. Allweather isn’t much known for our stage banter. But that’s because the concept of speaking to one complete stranger, let alone a whole room of them at once, is terrifying to me. Not a great quality for a dude who does the bulk of the singing for the band, but it is what it is. Please push me at this though. I would love to meet everyone. Just excuse my stammering and stuttering as I try to find the right thing to say. K THX BYE.

“I’m stuck on the outside looking in
And my ambition’s running thin.
I’m stuck on the inside of my head
Overthinking all the things that I probably should have said
Spent 40 days and 40 nights inside
I never learned how to swim
I’m stuck on the outside where my last care lies
I’m feeling isolated again”



Boss is on your back, deadlines to meet, Traci has been spreading rumors about you at the water cooler. You’re just a number and the only number that matters to them is the bottom line. Work sucks, I know.

“All suited up, without a name
Fought through the ranks, live the dream
The runner-up doesn’t deserve to sleep
And when the curtain falls,
Vastness displayed beyond these walls
Who the fuck are we?”



The golden rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. It seems that there are some who use religion as a weapon to bend people to their will. That ain’t cool. Love can change the world. Hate can change the world too. But we’ve been doing the hate for so long, why don’t we give this love thing a shot?

“Cast out everyone who walks a different path
And you’ll soon walk alone
If blood can truly cleanse all sin,
Then bite your tongue and taste the blood that flows

Deep down, your spiteful point of view
It eats away at you
Love sets you free”


The Porter

Drugs are fun, until they aren’t. Get help if you need it.

“Let me in
The doctor called in sick
The medicine, self-prescribed to stop the dissonance.

Let me in
I skinned my knees again
Let me in
I’m racing to a bitter end”



God, if there is a God, please let the Padres win the pennant. This is probably the saddest song on the record, so we saved it for last! The song is questioning the purpose of human existence, whether there is a God, whether we’re alone in the universe. You know, your normal run-of-the-mill depressing stuff.

“I’m just a person with nothing to give
But don’t take it personal, we’re all worthless
I can’t say for certain, I can’t say for sure
But I think we’re all alone out here


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

Lacking the talent to actually play in a band, Tom decided he would write about bands instead. Turns out his writing skills are mediocre at best as well.