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With Groezrock coming up in just a couple of weeks, we thought it would be fun to post a bunch of interviews with bands playing this year's festival and just ask them some of the most inane questions. Who better to kick this off than Samiam's Sergie Loobkoff? If you haven't already done so, check out their 2011 album "Trips" along with the rest of their discography while you're at it!


PRT: What do you think the "Groez" in "Groezrock" stands for?

Sergie: I'm so tempted to say what most people would think...which is that you guys were sloppy drunk and tried to name your festival...then one of you threw up, covering some stones with your partially digested gulash or bratwurst or whatever you Belgies eat (oversized soft pretzels and cabbage?)....notice I'm not saying waffles (too easy)...anyway then your friend said, "ewwwww ... gross rock!"

But of course that is unimaginative and ridiculous...and just plain too obvious, I'm not going to say that.

I'm going to go with, "that is what you named your wee-wee as a child."

PRT: One beer at Groezrock costs less than 2$. Good or bad and why?

Sergie: I think it's great. Of course it's bad that you are charging $10 for water, just in case people that read this think you guys are really cool or something....I mean, we all know your uncle owns the local brewery and you get it all for free. Let's not pretend you aren't still making a killing....

PRT: If Groezrock was the scenery for The Lord of the Rings, which character would you be and what would be your quest?

Sergie: I'm afraid I've never seen any of those movies although I read the Hobbit when I was a kid....and since almost completely forgot it. I do know for a fact that there is cute little guy called, 'Frodo'. So I guess that's going to have to be me. My quest will be too find a nice quiet spot to take a nap...I get so frickin' tired on these quests....I'm at least a couple of hundred of years old right? Also, I come from a time before electric guitars...how about a little break from all that shit? Give it a rest tough guys (and girls), yeeeeshhh...

PRT: If people recognize you on the festival grounds, should they leave you alone or come up and give you a hug?

Sergie: Even when Samiam was more of popular band than we are now, I would never get 'rock-egg-nized'...I'm too non-descript, too unexceptional looking. There have been so many times I've been at a samiam show next to other members and people come up for there autograph and walk away without batting an eye in my direction. Now Jason, our singer, that guy is recognizable. Sean, our other guitarist that sometimes sports a grand 70s pornstar moustache: he's an interesting fella.

But if you did see me I would say I'm a guy, as well as the others, that deserve a great big hug. perhaps a pat on the head accompanied by some soft, encouraging words.

PRT: The Groezrock Head Honcho, Hans, is a whisky fan. What can you recommend him?

Sergie: I'm not much of a drinker so don't listen to me. But Jason and Sean are both big fans of the stuff. they are like scienicists, heavily into their research. "We are look for the cure for sobriety!!" Maybe I'm overstating.

But Sean loves the Rye. And he looks extremely manly while drinking. Jason seems to often have a jim beam and coke nearby...but I think he goes for really fancy stuff when he has the chance....which is often as he runs bars.

PRT: Top 5 least favorite things at open air festivals?

Sergie: 1. too crowded. 

2. other festivals are not as popular as groezrock and sometimes have underwhelming crowds, then: not crowded enough.

3. no matter how long you've been in a band like Samiam, there is ALWAYS Pennywise or Iron Madien playing at the same timeslot...never fails.

4. too many 'band-guys' at these things. Guys in bands (or girls) are the worst, always talking about their 'career' and stuff. 'Ok, I'm happy for you, NOW ZIP IT!" 

5. the benches in those food tents are so hard...if I'm going sit around for hours, wouldn't it be nice to have a fluffy couch?

PRT: Top 5 most favorite things at open air festivals?
Sergie: 1. seeing bands that deserve big audiences play for some big Bon Jovi like sea of people instead of a 100 in a shitty bar. I really love to see good bands get a little love.

2. seeing pals I haven't seen in millions of years. When I'm home being in a band is like a distant dream....'do I really know that guy from Linz?" then every year or two I get to see him and catch up. it's really nice. (I know absolutely no one from Linz...that was for display purposes only...)

3. occasionally I see a new band that I wouldn't have ordinarily and make a real discovery...that is awesome.

4. seeing young people really have fun and enjoy themselves. It's something that is rare in life, I do appreciate it.

5. getting nervous. When we play our own shows, I know what to expect...people that like us pay, show up and I don't get nervous. At festivals it's up in the air...maybe they will not care at all or maybe they will be super excited. Not knowing really freaks me out...it adds an element of peril to the event! Wait, maybe that should be in the list of '5 least favorite'...

PRT: For the past couple of years, there's always been a big reunion show at Groezrock. Refused, Rocket from the Crypt, CIV... Which yet to reform band should we book?

Sergie: are there any left? I suppose the too big ones for me would be Jawbreaker and OP IV. But I'm thinking it's better to let sleeping dogs lie....makes the myth of the bands that much greater.

PRT: If you would have to do a guest appearance with one of the bands of this year's line-up, which band would it be and during which song?

Sergie: I would go up during Texas is the Reason and play some Solea songs with Garrett. Of course, the sea of Texas fans would be like, "what the fuck is this..." but there would be one or two nerds out there that know what it was and have a smiley faces.

PRT: There was a Tupac-hologram at Coachella last year. Who'd you like to hologramify during your Groezrock-show?

Sergie: Personally, I think that Paul and Ringo could get alot of milage out of hologram-izing John and George and really rocking out some Beatles tunes. I realize Groezrock wouldn't be the best place for this...but I would be really happy.

If they didn't go for that, I would be really 'stoked' if the 80s skaterock band from Oxnard called Agression did it with their 2 dead guys. that would be awesome. And when I say their '2 dead guys' I mean it respectfully...I just don't remember their names. Henry? Bob?

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Tom Dumarey

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