Rob Lynch
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Friday, April 5, 2013 - 11:19

On his Twitter account Rob Lynch claims to play music, which will come in handy when he’s playing on the acoustic stage of Groezrock. Acoustic pop with a sprinkling of punk and folk that is sure to please all the fans of Dave Hause, Frank Turner and Billy Bragg…. Gotta love it!

PRT: What do you think the "Groez" in "Groezrock" stands for?

Rob: It stands for Bad-ass.
PRT: No doubt some of your friends are playing the festival. Who are you looking forward to hanging out with and why?

Rob: I don't have many friends, which is why I'm a solo artist. However, as a loner, I do enjoy watching music.
So, I am looking forward to watching The Starting Line (as they'll make me feel 17 again), The Story So Far (as the crowd is going to be crazy, especially with no barrier!), Polar Bear Club (purely because they're a great band), and Dave Hause (because I want to feel warm inside). There are a load of other bands I want to watch too. Maybe I'll make some friends. I'll let you know how I get on.
PRT: Got anything special in store for the Groezrock-show?

Rob: I've got a bunch of new songs that I'm going to try out. I was thinking about getting some pyro for the stage show, but I'm not sure how well it would work in a one man acoustic set. Maybe next year.
PRT: If Groezrock was the scenery for The Lord of the Rings, which character would you be and what would be your quest?

Rob: I'd be Legolas and my quest would be to slay people with my arrows of rock 'n' roll!
PRT: Name 5 items you will need to have or get at Groezrock?

Rob: Jupiler
The vegan style chicken nuggets from the Vegan stand (I'm not vegan, they're just damn tasty!)
Strong painkillers to fight the hangovers.

PRT: For the past couple of years, there's a big reunion show at Groezrock. Refused, Rocket from the Crypt, CIV... Which yet to reform band should we book?

Rob: This wouldn't fit at all, it would never happen, and it wouldn't make sense. However, this is my interview, and it'd make me very happy, so Jurassic 5 please.
PRT: It can get pretty rainy in Belgium. Rubber boots and poncho or roll around in the mud naked?

Rob: I'd like to say roll around naked in the mud, but in reality I'm pretty sure I'm the rubber boots and poncho guy. Although after a few drinks, I could compromise and be the roll around in the mud in rubber boots and poncho guy.
PRT: Drinking: before the show, during the show or after the show? You can choose only one!

Rob: After, and lots of it!
PRT: What would you like the Groezrock crowd to do during your show?

Rob: At the very least, have a nice time. After that, the possibilities are endless, human pyramids, huge singalongs, moshpits...