Lucky Scars
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 19:14

Haven’t heard of Lucky Scars yet? You will soon enough when they come to rock your party, steal your girlfriend and drink your beer. And not even necessarily in that order! Their debut EP is called “Rock And Roll Party Foul” and will be out on Oct 23 on Spartan Records. Here’s an email interview we did with vocalist Johnny Scars, who in a previous life was known as Jon Bunch. Aka the lead singer of Sense Field. And Further Seems Forever. And War Generation. Anyway… here you go!


PRT: How and where did you guys meet and decide to start Lucky Scars?

Johnny: Nik Kill and I met at the Revelation Records 25th anniversary show in 2012 when both Sense Field and Ignite played. Later that year, I filled in as the vocalist for Ignite on a tour in Europe, and that’s when Nik and I knew we had to rock some tunes at some point on our own. I met the rest of the gentlemen in Lucky Scars in a paddy wagon I was thrown in for public intoxication, and we decided then to start a rock ‘n’ roll band.


PRT: Do you have a lucky scar? And how did you end up getting it?

Johnny: I have a scar on my privates. Would you care to see? Then you would be the lucky one.


PRT: You use a boy band analogy in your bio. Does this mean we’ll get to see choreographed dance moves at your shows?

Johnny: Yes, but the choreography will better resemble a WWE match, with matching tights, of course.


PRT: Who would you like to party all night long with the most… Justin Bieber or One Direction?

Johnny: Lucky Scars will party with anyone and everyone. We would challenge One Direction to a drinking game of Thumper or Quarters or even Sink The Bizmark. But you know the British can drink, man, so I don’t underestimate those little lads. Do you think One Direction would get back together to tour with Lucky Scars?


PRT: You have a 4-song EP coming up called “Rock And Roll Party Foul”. What is the biggest Rock And Roll Party Foul in the history of Rock And Roll Party Fouls?

Johnny: Bon Scott dying after a night of partying is a major party foul. His death was listed as “death by misadventure.” I’ve had my share of misadventures, but I’ve managed to get out alive. Rest in peace, Bon.


PRT: You have been in Sense Field, Further Seems Forever,... and Nik has been in Ignite. Do you think that works for or against you? I imagine it helps in getting your name out there, but at the same time people will have certain expectations before they’ve even heard a single song.

Johnny: Fans definitely have expectations already, but what’s wrong with fans liking us without even hearing the music? I’d like to buy them all a beer. I think people just expect to rock and have fun, and Lucky Scars is bringing it. It’s all rock ‘n’ roll in the end. I have no doubt that people who like our old bands will like Lucky Scars. It’s not a far departure from any of our past bands, but we’ll just have to leave it up to the people to decide.


PRT: You have the EP coming out via Spartan Records. What’s up after that for Lucky Scars?

Johnny: We are writing tunes, rehearsing, working on a few videos, making rad T-shirts and partying heavily.


PRT: Your only goal and ambition is to rock our backyard parties… will you come and play in our backyard if we pay you in beer?

Johnny: Absofuckinglutely. We are all about bringing the party to your town. You might want to warn your neighbors first though.