Laura Palmer
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 20:01

In case you haven’t heard Australia’s Laura Palmer just yet, you are seriously missing out! I loved their self-titled EP and became a fan after seeing them live last year at the Fest. They are getting ready to release their second EP and will be coming over to Europe next month (see tour dates below). Plenty of reasons to talk to these guys, which is exactly what we did!


PRT: First of all, why did you guys choose the name Laura Palmer? It doesn’t exactly make things easy to spot you on the interwebs. I did however find an article right away where David Lynch says that he always loved Laura Palmer.

Niam: I'm not really sure. We just really like Twin Peaks and thought it was a cool name. I think some people think we are a female singer songwriter which is kind of funny. 


PRT: Besides the Twin Peaks thing, there is also the Bastille song called Laura Palmer. Ever considered covering it?

Niam: I'm not really familiar with the band or the song but I'm just going to assume it is terrible so no, ha. 


PRT: For the people out there that haven’t heard Laura Palmer yet… if Laura Palmer was the lovechild of two other bands, which bands would have had sex and which position were you conceived in?

Niam: I would say if Jawbreaker and Iron Chic had a wild night out and ended up having regretful drunken sex you would probably get a fucked up Laura Palmer love child. In saying that we love lots of different types of music and punk and hardcore stuff so some of those outside influences probably creep in too. 


PRT: You recently welcomed a second guitarist to the band. What sparked that decision? And what’s it like to suddenly have a person more in the band?

Niam: We actually always had two guitarists but the other guitarist didn't come with us on tour to the US last year and left not long after so we played as a three piece for a few months. We had Treddas who we knew was keen on playing and was a great guy and guitarist so we asked him to join the band. I think having two guitars really fills out the sound more and makes it a lot more dynamic and exciting live. There are a lot more things we can do with two guitarists and a lot of the stuff on the new EP uses a lot of different guitar parts so it is cool we can now pull that off live too. 


PRT: You are working on a new EP. How is that coming along?

Niam: The new EP is finished and Mixed it is getting mastered now so by the time this is posted it will be finished. Really proud of this one and excited for people to hear it. 

It will be out through Hectic Society/Klownhouse in Europe so people will be able to pick it up at the shows and off those guys. There should be something posted online really soon so keep an eye on our bandcamp where you can hear our first EP as well 


PRT: How would you say the new songs relate to the ones from last year’s EP?

Niam: I think the new songs are probably a bit less pop punk and probably a bit more energetic. We still have the melodic songs and hooks but I think it is just less pop punk than the first EP. J Robbins, (Against Me, None More Black, War on Woman) mixed the songs too so it is a sound that is more raw compared to the first EP. 


PRT: I saw you guys at the Fest last year, which was definitely one of my Fest highlights. But it must have cost you guys a shitload of money to get there. Was that one of your goals to get to play Fest?

Niam: Yeah it costs a lot to travel from over here but it is worth it because Fest is the best. We always wanted to play because we get to see a lot of bands we love that we wouldn't otherwise be able to see that don't tour over here in Australia. At fest you make new friends, catch up with old friends and generally just have the best time ever. We feel very luck and privileged that Tony asked us to play again this year and we will be making the most of it.  


PRT: You’ll be coming over to Europe next month. What do you expect of the tour? And what should people expect when they go and see Laura Palmer live?

Niam: I have toured Europe once before and it was amazing although. I swear I didn't get hangovers on that tour because of the purity of the German beers but let’s see if that still holds true seven years later now with age!

Touring in Europe is known for the hospitality and that you guys treat bands really well so I am expecting it to be super fun and more relaxed than touring somewhere like the US. We are going to places like Italy, Austria and Budapest that we I have never even been before so we are really excited about seeing some new places, playing lots of fun shows and meeting lots of new people. As for our live show - high energy punk rock with a fun and inclusive atmosphere.   


PRT: Is there one show in particular you are stoked about? 

Niam: I am really looking forward to playing with RVVR and we have a show with The Freeze in Kiel that will also be great but to be honest I'm looking forward to all of them. I think they will all be great and super fun in their own way. The fact we are touring Europe is a massive reason to be stoked.