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Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 14:46

Isotopes will be releasing their new album, "1994 World Series Champions", on April 14 via Stomp Records & Destiny Records and are currently playing shows all over Europe. In case you haven't heard of these guys just yet, they are the world's greatest baseball punk band. Just have a look at their recent single, "Legend Of George Brett", below after reading our interview with frontman Evan.


PRT: Did you already come across people that didn’t understand the concept of a baseball-themed punk rock band? Or who considered it a turnoff?

Evan: Yeah sometimes people don't understand what the hell we are doing. That's ok though. That happens a lot to punk bands who aren't even singing tunes about baseball.

PRT: Like I said, I know next to nothing about baseball… I went to see one game when I was on a holiday and it seemed like most of the time nothing happened and that people used the game as an excuse to gorge on foot-long hot dogs and beer. How far off am I from the truth?

Evan: You're not far off at all. As a spectator, baseball games are great for gorging on hot dogs, drinking beers, heckling visiting ball clubs, and hanging out with friends. Television is much better for catching all the elements of the actual game.

PRT: I did notice that they play a lot of music in between innings. If they would play one of your songs at a game, which one would it have to be?

Evan: They could play any of our tunes and I'd be happy. Right now my favourite Isotopes song is Indian Summer. I think the Cleveland Indians should put it into rotation.

PRT: Baseball is a sport that comes with a long history of superstition. Aren’t you worried that calling your new album “1994 World Series Champions”, after the only year where the World Series was cancelled, is asking for bad luck?

Evan: We're superstitious too. But no, that's not bad luck.

PRT: In the Simpsons, Isotopes play at Duff Stadium and are sponsored by Duff Beer. What brand should sponsor you?

Evan: What beer brand should sponsor the Isotopes? Hmmmm... Anchor Steam Beer in San Francisco would be my preference.

PRT: You used to play baseball yourself before giving that up in exchange for singing in a band called The Kidnappers. Playing in a band is still a team effort, but do you ever miss the competitive element?

Evan: Nice research! Actually, I still play baseball. Justin Safely and I are partners in an adult sandlot baseball league we started in Vancouver called East Van Baseball and we play all summer. Eastvanbaseball.com

PRT: You’ll be touring Europe in just a couple of days... what are you most looking forward to?

Evan: Punk fans in Europe are the best. Everywhere we go they bring us bottles of tequila and we love them for it!

PRT: If you would have to sell the idea of baseball to Europe where everyone plays soccer, what would be your (sorry!) pitch?

Evan: Baseball is like a physical game of chess. It requires strategy and skill. There's a long history in baseball, just as in Europe. People always complain Baseball is slow and boring. Give yourself a chance to understand it and you'll start whistling a different tune.

PRT: I read an older interview where you talked about getting expelled from your school district and getting banned from the US. How long do you think you’ll manage to stay in Europe?

Evan: We'll be in Europe as long as they'll have us. Between Muttis Booking and Destiny Records we have some of the best people in the game working for us and we're looking ahead a bright career over here.


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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