High Waisted
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 18:06

In case you haven't read our review just yet, High Waisted is an NYC-based surf rock band with pop sensibilities and an affliction for rock and roll. They just released "On Ludlow" a couple of days ago and well, it's really good and is filled to the brim with fuzzy bass, reverb-drenched guitars and badass harmonies. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy! But read on first because we checked in with vocalist/guitarist Jessica Louise Dye to find out what her top 5 surf tracks are.



The Shadows just have great flare; from masks, capes and even flashy dance moves. 




I just love the dynamics in the song. Link Wray was one of the first surf records I owned and it played part in the formation of my band.  We used to all hang out at a bar in the lower east side for a BYO Vinyl night.  I met my mates as we bonded over great records.  I always think of that when we jam on any Link Wray tunes.




LINK WRAY & THE RAY MEN - Rumble (Full Album)

Isn't this track sultry, doesn't it  make you wanna strut slowly, across the dance floor?




CHARLIE MEGIRA - The Girl Who Was Frightened of Ashtrays

Charlie's soft, muted take on surf classics and his own musings, melt my heart. He's a crooner in the classic sense and looks like an Elvis turned vampire in his own revival of 60's goth fashion. He also hails from Israel, and sometimes sings in Hebrew!




DICK DALE - Misirlou

Everyone has covered this track throughout the years.  It's like a rogue wave you know is gonna smash you to bits.  When we play it live, I can't tell if we're in charge, or that driving lead line. My bandmates even met Dick once (he still tours heavily to help pay for his medical bills).  His signed poster hangs in our rehearsal room.