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With "Nothing To Prove" H2O released an incredibly fun album, their first for Bridge Nine. If you haven't heard it yet, go pick it up now... I promise you won't regret it. Here's an email interview we did with vocalist Toby. I didn't edit it because i'm a lazy fuck but it's fun nonetheless.

PRT: Who are you and what would you like to tell our readers about yourself??
Toby: Toby Morse, singer of h20 and a sxe dad!

PRT: I don't think there are many HC bands around that have had the same line-up for as long as you have and who have that family vibe going on as strongly as you guys do. What?s your secret? And what?s one thing about the other guys that can drive you crazy?
Toby: no secret. We just love each other like brothers and we can all get on each other's nerves alot actually like bickering brothers but thats normal,yah know? Todd Friend my drummer sleeps too much and is always still tired,,fuck hahahah

PRT: So seven years since the last album huh? How have you guys been keeping busy??
Toby: yep working,being a dad,hazen street and juliette ands the licks,rusty has jewelry busy etc

PRT: I know you're spread out all over the country between California and New York? does that make it harder to work on new material or does it help to keep things fresh??
Toby: def does thats why it took us 7yrs to make 20 songs hahahah we just would mp3 songs to each other or when we were together would get in studio and demo songs etc its a pretty easy process actually.

PRT: Congratulations with the new album"Nothing To Prove" is amazing. You've said it isn't a comeback album but if you look at the title and the fact that it's been so long since your last album, isn't it a common mistake that people make?
Toby: thanxxx,i mean its def us coming back to make a album after 7yrs and yes i think its our best album in 7yrs hahaha but i mean as far as a comeback i feel like the response and the reviews are saying that and we appreciate it alot for sure.

PRT: My favorite song on the new album has to be "What Happened". Have you already come up with a solution to turn the fashion punk syndrome around?
Toby: thanks,hahahah not yet,its more of us letting kids know how it was for us when we first went to shows etc

PRT: There's a whole bunch of guests on the album. Did you pick them specifically for a certain song or are they friends that showed up at the right time at the right place?
Toby: i just thought their voices would sound good on certain songs and mp3 them to them to sing something on and it worked out,so happy with all of the songs though for sure and everyone did great jobs!

PRT: "Go" wasn't received as well as your other albums. how do you look back on that now? And on the whole major label episode?
Toby: "go" was our fasting selling album ever actually. The major label was cool just a different push that we had and more money to record the album and too much time.We could've made the GO songs sound just as raw and live if chad gilbert produced those same songs hahah you live and you learn though,no regrets.

PRT: The new album is your first on Bridge Nine. It seems to me that bands are better off nowadays on a well-known indie label like that rather than a major. Would you agree with that?
Toby: def man, major labels now are like dinosaurs they stuck in their old ways of releasing music and they are not about the artist's best interests. b9 has been good to us so far,we're happy!

PRT: Some of you are married and have kids now. Have you ever read "Punk Rock Dad" by Pennywise's Jim Lindberg? If so, how true does it ring?
Toby: haven't read it yet,but jim's gonna be interviewing me next month for a video he's doing about it so that's cool.

PRT: What are the chances of Pink doing a duet with you guys on her or your next album?
Toby: ahahhaahaha not likely.

PRT: Any last words for our readers?
Toby: thanks for the support on new album and we appreciate kids not forgetting about us etc and we will see you soon again! peace


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Tom Dumarey

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