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Ignite Ignite Punk Rock Theory
Friday, January 14, 2022 - 13:25
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After half a decade of not releasing new music Orange Countys most notorious melodic hardcore force IGNITE are ready to get back to work with their new vocalist Eli Santana up front and a new album in hand. “It’s a new chapter for IGNITE,” reaffirms Brett. “But there’s a lot of looking back to some of our earliest records like Call on My Brothers and having the same feeling writing these songs with a new singer.” In these Southern California stalwarts’ minds, the more things change, the more they stay the same. “This is what we love doing – as it was in 1993 and as it is now.”


Ignite track list:

  1. Anti-Complicity Anthem
  2. The River
  3. This Day
  4. On The Ropes
  5. The Butcher In Me
  6. Call Off The Dogs
  7. The House Is Burning
  8. Enemy
  9. State Of Wisconsin
  10. Let The Beggars Beg