Toronto pop punks Northpark release debut album via Wiretap Record
Toronto pop punks Northpark release debut album via Wiretap Record
Friday, September 15, 2023 - 09:12
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Toronto, Ontario pop punk band Northpark have announced the signing to California based label Wiretap Records. The band recently released their debut album “Wasteland” in June and are excited to premiere the official music video for their song “Uno”.

"Uno is about the troubles and feelings that come from not being able to move on from someone that you've held so deep in your heart. “You're the only one that's moving on now”. Throughout the Music video you can see the protagonist, Miguel the vocalist, battling with these feelings in cinematic scenes. “Cause I'm the only one that's hurting bad now” relating to the fact that the other person in this scenario has completely moved on while the protagonist has not. Concluding the video you see the protagonist attempting to jump off a bridge when at the last moment he is saved. This signifies the feeling that only one person (uno being the italian word for one) can save them from this outcome." - Northpark

Northpark is an emerging Canadian pop punk band from north of Toronto, Ontario. Although newly formed together late 2022 they come from years of experience, various music talents, genres, and skills that they bring together as a team to bring you this modern pop punk magic. Being lifelong friends, previous co-workers and friends from the local music scene Northpark has turned them into a family which fuels the fire behind the writing, growth, and movements of the band. Although their debut album “Wasteland" was just released with 9 great tracks, the band has already been working on new music. Stay tuned to watch Northpark grow and evolve.