Good Charlotte release new single 'Last December'
Good Charlotte release new single 'Last December'
Saturday, December 19, 2020 - 16:55
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Good Charlotte have surprise-released a brand new recording “Last December”, their first musical output in 2 years. The band are also celebrating the 20-year anniversary of their debut album and wanted to share the track with fans.

“2020 being the 20th anniversary of our self-titled debut album really made us feel like we wanted to release something for those fans who’ve gone on this journey with us,” says Benji Madden. “The holidays can be a rough time of year - thinking of the ones we’ve lost and longing for moments that have passed us by is definitely a part of the joy and melancholy. For us, this song speaks to both sides of those holiday feelings and we hope it brings some solace to anyone who needs it.“