CAT SFX release new single 'Upside Down'
CAT SFX release new single 'Upside Down'
Saturday, October 2, 2021 - 10:49
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CAT SFX have shared their new single, 'Upside Down'. Part-Blondie, part-Garbage, “Upside Down” blends a sassy punk-rock strut with lyrics of a pitch-black sincerity. Produced by Gordon Mills Jr and written by their dynamic lead singer Caterina Speranza, the song discusses the constant pressures and anxieties we are exposed to in modern life. “I can’t watch the news no more, Wolves are howlin’ at the door, A whole society gone AWOL...” Cat decries, in lyrics that will strike a chord with just about anyone who has endured the hellish rolling bulletins of the past 2 years.

A well-known advocate for positive mental health, Caterina explains how the inspiration for the song came about:

"These days we are almost expected to be numb to survive. To become numb we are prescribed antidepressants which don’t address the pressures of life, they simply numb you in order to deal with the outrageous inequality many of us are exposed to”.

Recalling the outspoken punk rock spirit of X-Ray Spex to The Pretenders to Garbage, Cat SFX is the joint band and brainchild of Anglo-Italian artist Caterina Speranza and Gordon Mills. Forming her first band at the age of sixteen, The Vincent Fiasco in the midst of the 00’s band boom, Speranza cut her teeth playing high-profile support slots with Interpol and notably caught the ear of Alan McGee who staged the band at his legendary Death Disco Club. Cat is now ready to take centre-stage again and make her voice heard loud and clear with her new project: Cat SFX. Reconnecting with Alan McGee during the filming for his “Creation Stories” film, McGee was suitably impressed with her new material and the pair struck a deal for a string of releases on his Creation 23 imprint, before signing up to his new label venture It’s Creation, Baby in 2021.