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ILS Curse Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, July 4, 2020 - 08:23
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Pronounced ‘ilz’ and hailing from Portland, Oregon, ILS is a new-ish force to be reckoned with in the noise rock scene. These former members of Black Elk, The Days, The Nights, Passerby and White Orange have branded their particular take on noise rock ‘disaster chic,’ which apparently translates to drums that pummel you into submission while nasty riffs and even dirtier basslines are designed to keep you down as vocalist Tom Glose lays it all out there with a mix of spoken-word diatribes and blood-curdling screams that would make Mike Patton proud. 

As you barrel down the track listing, opener ‘Bad Parts’, ‘Don’t Hurt Me’ and ‘It’s Not Lard But It’s A Cyst’ whip up flashes of Unsane, Jesus Lizard and the sludg-y groove of a band like EYEHATEGOD, all brought to you with zero fucks left to give. ILS are absolutely unrelenting in their delivery and rage through all ten songs in a mere 28 minutes, leaving you exhausted and longing for more.


Track listing:

  1. Bad Parts
  2. Curse
  3. Don't Hurt Me
  4. No Luck
  5. Noose
  6. Whitemeat
  7. Northstar
  8. Casket Race
  9. It's Not Lard, But It's A Cyst
  10. For The Shame I Bring